Community Education

Education is a key factor affecting the economic security of working families,” reported The Working Poor Families Project in a 2012-2013 policy brief. Similarly, Harvard Magazine stated in their January 2015 report that “changes in employment during recent decades have seriously diminished the earnings and job stability of many working Americans whose skills have not kept pace with shifting requirements of the labor market”.

Looking at Los Angeles, a September 2014 report prepared by the University of Berkeley for the Mayor of Los Angeles states that “between 2007 and 2012 median annual earnings fell by 11.3% for those who work in the City of Los Angeles”. Further, a recent Brookings Institute report reflected that household income inequality in Los Angeles ranks ninth amongst United States cities. As such, access to high-demand, affordable skills training programs can be challenging for Los Angeles low-income County households to afford.

What Intelecom Learning® proposes is a California community college-focused, low cost, and self-sustaining online service (e.g., Kahn Academy) that “captures” the best CCC community and continuing education instructors and courses and makes them available to a wider audience. The overarching goals? Introduce alternative formats of instruction; improve quality of online course content; build capacity of community education programs; assist individuals looking to improve their economic status.

Sadly, these troubling facts extend beyond the City of Los Angeles to expansive Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation found that of the 2.14 million families in Los Angeles County in 2011, household incomes for over 311,500 families fell below poverty level in the prior 12 months. Three years hence, as our nation recovers from its crippling economic recession, a February 2014 California Department of Housing and Community Development policy statement reports that there are still over one million residents of Los Angeles County living in households of low to extremely low median income.

In relationship to this, data presented by the BLS for 2014 shows a very strong correlation between low levels of educational attainment (i.e. a high school diploma or non-completion of high school) and low wage earnings as well as high unemployment rates. Post-secondary education for today’s job market includes job and career skills training, now recognized as a critical element in assisting individuals to improve their long-term economic status.

Community Education Advisory Group

Mike Atkin
Director, Community Services
Los Angeles Valley College

Elaine Chapman
Director, Extensions and Contract Education
Pasadena City College

Paulo Madrigal
Director, Community Education
Mt. San Antonio College

Betty Sedor
Program Director, Community Education
El Camino College

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Dr. Allen Dooley, CEO
Intelecom Learning
(626) 782-6385