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Online Enhanced OER Textbooks in Core General Education Subjects

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Features and Benefits

Bring low-cost, enhanced OER textbook content in core general education subjects to your institution.

  • Professional Design and Consistent UI
  • Embedded OpenStax OER Textbook Content
  • Tightly-Correlated and Captioned Videos with Transcripts
  • Interactive Review Exercises and Games
  • Self-Study Quizzes
  • Authored and Hosted in Canvas LMS
  • WCAG 2.0 Compliant
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Flexibility and Affordability

Adopt our online enhanced OER textbooks as a quality learning supplement to an existing course or as a low-cost, high-quality textbook replacement.

  • Low-Cost Online OER Textbook
  • Import and Host Content on Your Campus LMS
  • Turn-Key OER Textbook Solution for Adjunct Faculty
  • Customize Content Based on Course Requirements
  • Annual Subscription per Textbook (Unlimited Students)
  • Core Curriculum Subjects
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