Textbook Affordability

The cost of college textbooks has been increasingly prohibitive for the last decade. The College Board’s October 2016 survey data reflects an average annual cost of $1,200 per college student for books and supplies, with a single book costing as much as $200.  And, while there is a growing movement toward open educational resources, a 2016 Babson Survey Research Group study revealed that 58.1% of faculty are unaware of OER, or how instructors can use no or low-cost alternatives to traditional textbooks in their courses. Many of those surveyed (28%) said there aren’t enough high-quality free or affordable course materials available to make the switch from traditional textbooks, and 60% described their search for OER materials as difficult.

Intelecom Learning is responding to the issue of textbook affordability by developing a low-cost alternative to the traditional college textbook.  Intelecom Coursespace, an online service of Intelecom Learning, will offer online enhanced OER textbooks in core curriculum subjects and host them in the popular Canvas LMS.  Each online enhanced OER textbook will be based on peer-reviewed textbook content from OpenStax College and incorporate professionally-produced and captioned video, interactive review exercises and self-assessment tools.

Intelecom Learning is committed to assisting the higher education community in filling the void of low-cost, high-quality and engaging digital resources, heightening faculty awareness and encouraging implementation of these alternatives, and answering students’ ongoing call for reasonably-priced instructional materials.

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