Supporting California Community Colleges

Intelecom Learning was established by a consortium of California community colleges for the purpose of developing quality instructional materials economically and providing them at a low cost. While our consortium colleges may jointly fund new projects, Intelecom Learning also relies on foundation and agency support to advance its mission.


Past and current grantors include the National Science Foundation, the Annenberg/CPB Project, College of the Canyons/DECT, and numerous state education agencies.
INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications, Inc. (dba Intelecom Learning) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.   A letter from the IRS confirming our status as a federal tax-exempt corporation is available here.
For more information about donating to Intelecom Learning:

Dr. Allen Dooley


Content Development

Educational technology continues to evolve and with it the need for quality content. Online content that is aligned to core curricula and standards, produced professionally, and scalable can improve student learning outcomes and extend the reach of college programs.


Equity and Access

Intelecom Learning continues to explore how best to support the needs of non-traditional learners as well as disadvantaged populations. Student veterans represent one important student population and focus area for the organization.


Capacity Building

In collaboration with 31 California community colleges organized as a joint powers authority, and by leveraging funding and resources, Intelecom Learning can play a unique role in support of all California community colleges.